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Friday, August 19

Somebody Better Tell boygeorge

Families of Dead Troops Hope to See Blair in Court

"Tony Blair could be forced to give evidence under oath after families of 17 soldiers killed in Iraq began a legal bid yesterday to secure an independent inquiry into the lawfulness of the 2003 conflict. A lawyer representing the families lodged papers at the high court in London, seeking a judicial review of the government's decision this May not to order an investigation into the legality of the war in Iraq.

"They hope the inquiry will be held within six months.

"The first three defendants named on the papers are the prime minister, the defence secretary at the time, Geoff Hoon, and the attorney general, Lord Goldsmith.

"The families have demanded that judges investigate to see whether the government misled the public about the war".

There's more in this Guardian Article via Tom Feeley at ICH. -- Thanks, Tom.

Oh, and let Patrick Fitzgerald know also.

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