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Friday, August 26

Sexy News

Seems men are getting into the "too much information" fashion trend following what I had deemed the "pussy cleavage" craze in women's fashion. While I felt that young men who wore too baggy jeans, too low, revealing their drawers labels was decidedly unsexy for future potbellied couch potatoes who ought to flaunt it while they got it, Dolce & Gabbana have come out with a line of "pubic pants" for men: very low rise. Back in the day when our rockstars such as Roger Daltry and Robert Plant wore similar jeans, we didn't have to look at their male bush. Don't we have enough male bush to contend with already? The WND crowd is shocked... so that's enough to make me support the trend anyway.

So how noisy are you in bed? What does it mean? Fuck, if I know. Read this.

And then read this encounter of a Victorian man (My Secret Life) with an Irish woman who sounds like pirate in bed. Excerpt: "Taken off your clothes and come on to the bed and lie down wid me, and we'll fuck agin ye spalpeen in foive minutes — we will, be Jasus. Look at me chunt — look at your spunk — it's wet — it is — ain't your spunk thick,"...

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