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Wednesday, August 17

Serious Question: What did they do to him when he was a child to make him that way?

"The intelligence in the service of primitive instincts that Bush's actions and words represent; the raw aggressive power, unmitigated by thought or higher feeling; and the surge of compensatory confidence it engenders, are what appeals to a great segment of this -- or any other -- society, especially to its powerless and emotionally underdeveloped members. They rally around their leader, seeing in him both a reflection of themselves and a promise of a "victory" that would release their fears and frustrations, and avenge their sorry, hopeless fate. Of course what they do not realize is that their leader couldn't care less about their fate. To him, his minions are an echo chamber for his words and cannon fodder for his missions".
– Elizabeth (no last name given), "Of Course He Is a Psychpath...",, August 16, 2005

Cynical Comment of the Day: We elected somebody just as crazy as we are.
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