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Friday, August 26

Quick, Choose Now!

I was reading an article over at Daily Kos by General Wesley Clark. General Clark gives his opinion of the bloody hell in Iraq, compliments of the bush administration. Also I read the comments left by the Kos readers. Being female and all, it got me to thinking. If we could replace bush and cheney today, who would we choose? I would like to see, in either order, Feingold and Clark. We would have a Democrat who voted not to light the match that started the bloody hell that is now Iraq (so he’s no fool) and a Democratic General who knows more about war than just playing it in the sand with plastic soldiers on a pretend ranch in Texas.

I know you’re probably not going to agree with me, and that’s not fine. No, no, I’m just teasing you.

So if you could replace the president and vice president today, right this minute, who would you choose?

Feingold: Cheerleading Is No Substitute for Leadership

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