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Sunday, August 28

Proof That Our Schools Failed Miserably

I'm watching The McLaughlin Group. He says that 64% of Americans reject the theory that humans evolved from earlier primates and 54% believe that a god created us as full blown human beings. I've met many people who say, "We aren't monkeys!" Obviously these people had terrible teachers. The panel that is arguing on TMG are very ill informed. All in all, no one knows what they are talking about. Sad.

I went to Catholic schools and I have no problem with evolution. I enjoy following the latest theories and breakthroughs concerning the dawn of man and especially cosmology. Even when I used to be a believer, I had no problem with evolution. We went on school trips to the Museum of Natural History all the time. The nuns didn't tell us that it was all lies. Not at all. In the seminary, we weren't taught to reject science. Our theology professors were also experts in middle eastern history, science, Judaism and archeology and were able to explain why the bible had some very unscientific claims and back it up well. If you understand what things were like in those days, it's fairly easy to understand some strange biblical references. Tar pits exploding near Sodom and Gommorha make more sense to us than thinking god himself pointed a finger down from heaven above and smote the people. The tidal situation at the Red Sea explains how Moses, if he even existed, got to the other side.

When a group of people has no other explanation for natural phenomena, they blame everything on the gods.

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