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Thursday, August 25

Pissed Off Patricia: Will you mend your ways so you can live here?

"Mr. Monaghan builds his dream town"

"If it's left up to Tom Monaghan, the co-founder of Dominos Pizza, only orthodox Catholics will take up residency in Ave Maria, a new Florida town that will be free of condoms, porn and televised smut.

"They may not become as ubiquitous as the Domino's Pizza outlets that dot the US landscape, but Tom Monaghan, the man behind that pizza empire, is hoping that the town he is building for orthodox Catholics in Florida will some day replicate itself across the country.


"'We've already had about 3500 people inquire on our Web site about buying a home there -- you know, they're all Catholic,' Monaghan says excitedly. 'We're going to control all the commercial real estate, so there's not going to be any pornography sold in this town. We're controlling the cable system. The pharmacies are not going to be able to sell condoms or dispense contraceptives.' A private chapel will be located within walking distance of each home. At the stunning church in the center of town, Mass will be said hourly, seven days a week, from 6 a.m. on. 'So,' Monaghan concludes, with just a hint of understatement, 'it'll be a unique town.'"

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