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Friday, August 19

The pigs are squeeling louder

I won't link to the pukes who are gloating about Cindy mom's stroke. It's just too sick. (you can read about it at antiwar blog though) Exsqueeze me, but anti-war folks are not a fringe group. I am not from a fringe group. I'm not a pot smoking hippy. I don't belong to any groups other than the human race. I'm a woman, a mom, a nurturer and not a killer. Dammit. Furthermore, the fact that we went to war under false pretenses, is something that the war pukes refuse to hear. The boy king refuses to address the truth. Mrs. Sheehan is armed with the truth about the lies. The war mongering bush supporters refuse to hear it. They prefer to shoot the messenger than face reality. They prefer to pretend that we are in Iraq to liberate them. What a crock. We went there because they were supposedly ready to nuke us.

There were ties to the terrorists of 9/11 in Florida. Did anyone think for one second that Florida should be bombed? Of course not. There are innocent people there (except for Katherine Harris and Jeb Bush) and nothing could be gained from it.

War mongering fascist pigs make the loudest noise because they don't want the truth to be told. The pigs are organizing a counter march to Crawford. War pigs suggest that Cindy ran away because she is afraid of them. War pigs are pigs. If the counter protesters show up, do you think that bush will come back from his fishing trip? He left his vacation for Terry Schiavo. If he simply would have met with Cindy in the first place, it wouldn't have come to this. Maybe that's a good thing.

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