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Monday, August 15

Our President Is Even More Heinous Than I Had Ever Imagined

He took a 2 hour bikeride, was asked why he hadn't taken the time to talk to Cindy Sheehan and he replied that he had to go on with his life. What life?

At first I thought perhaps he was just too goddamm stupid to interact with another human being because of his terrible upbringing and Oedipus complex... and I had thought that perhaps he should speak to a grief counselor or have one present when he spoke to Cindy, ya know, just to feign the semblance of a human being who gives a shit because he is the fucking president... after all, he puts on that fake compassion when he talks about stem cell research, which I am sure he doesn't know a thing about... because he really is incapable of putting 2 thoughts together- but now I know that he is the personification of what is evil in the world. Know something? He could use a blow job, the fucking asshole. (excuse my french)

But he has to get on with his life? The sham he calls the presidency?

Cindy reports that there were 7 counter protesters there yesterday. Idiots. Brainwashed idiots. Well folks, sit back and enjoy the show. It's the dismantling of one the most corrupt administrations ever. I am both pissed and overjoyed that his comeuppance has to hurt the families of those who sacrificed their children for this sham. You know what "staying the course" means? It means that you're too dimwitted to come up with a real excuse for why you're stubbornly refusing to face the truth... and it also means that you hate the American people.

PS: If I were a Texan, I'd be protesting the asshole who shot his gun in the air next to bush's ranch. He was pissed that the protesters were blocking roads. He should be pissed at bush, not the protesters. Then he said he was anticipating "dove hunting season". Wow, that is so painfully ironic. They shoot doves in Texas? Hmmm.

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