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Saturday, August 27

news and screws

LA U.S. Rep. Charlie Melancon plans gasoline (price) investigation:

(Same guy who's one of the few on Capitol Hill still pushing for a hemorrhoidectomy to remove Tom Delay from our collective asshole. I'm not crazy about Charlie, but at least he does something besides push for the cane sugar lobby, not that there's anything wrong with that...)

Cloned cats procreate, help species:

While I'm right proud that the Audubon Zoo is helping to keep endangered species viable (African wildcat in this case), I'm pretty disgusted by the idiots who want to clone their PETS. Yeah, 'cause we don't have ENOUGH domestic animals in this country who've been abandoned, abused, overbred, inbred, and generally left in the wind. Go to the fucking ANIMAL SHELTER, you narcissistic twits!!!

(Another reason why humans shouldn't be cloned --- what??? We don't have enough assholes on this planet already?!?!)

Electronic instrument innovator dies at 71

Love him or hate him for his contributions to music, sound, and engineering; blame him for Eurotrash trance music and Yanni; wonder where music would've gone without the synthesizer... But know that this guy had a huge influence, either way.

Okay, that's it. Unpack your lunch boxes and discuss amongst yourselves.

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