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Wednesday, August 24

A Jewel of a Comment

I found this magical piece in the comments section of

"100 cheap and easy ways to get out of Eye-Rack"
Submitted by james k. sayre (not verified) on Wed, 2005-08-24 15:02.

"The USA and the UK need to get out of Iraq now. Bush and Company seem to be snagged on just how to turn power over to the Iraqis. Here are some suggestions: 100 cheap and easy ways out of Iraq: Just do or say:

"Abandon ship, About-face, retreat, Aloha, Apologize for overstaying one's welcome, and just leave, Auf weiderzahn, Au voir, Back out, Bail out, Beg off, Be Gone with the Wind, Blow it off, Blow the scene, Bow out, Break it off, Bring the troops home, Bug out, Butt out, Call a halt, Call it quits, Cancel plans, Cave in, Chalk it up to experience, Change the course, Chao, baby, Check out, Chicken out, Choke up, Clear out, Close up shop, Cop out, Creep away, Cut and run, Declare victory and come home, Depart, Desert the desert, Disentangle, Draw back, Drop out, Eat crow, Eat humble pie, Eat one's words, End this fool's errand, End this tomfoolery, Evacuate, Exit, stage right, Fail, Fall back, Flake out, Flee, Fly away, Fly the coop, Forsake, Get back, Get cold feet, Get out by sundown, Give up, Go away, Go fly a kite, Go jump in the lake, Good widdance to bad wubbish - (Elmer Fudd cartoon), Got to get away, Hasta la vista, baby, Head for the hills, Hit the road, Homeward bound, Hurry home, It's all over but the shouting, It's all over now, baby blue, Just say no, Just walk away,

"Leave, Let's call the whole thing off, Pack it in, Pick up your marbles and go home, Quit, Rehire Saddam, Relinquish control, Renounce imperialism, Retreat, Return home, Reverse the course, Sail away, Say good bye, Shut it down, So long, its been fun, Split, Stop, Stop rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic: abandon ship!, Surrender, Take a powder, Terminate the visit, Throw in the towel, Turn tail, Turn the lights out, Wilt under pressure, Wimp out, Wind down, Withdraw with honor, Yankee, come home".

Yours truly,

James K. Sayre

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