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Wednesday, August 24

I read the news today oh boy...

What a fucking coward. Bush goes to Idaho to give a terrorism address. Sheesh. Well thank you Idaho for looking out for terrorists that may infiltrate our country. Well his numbers are fairly good in Idaho, and like when he was touting his social security rapefest, he only speaks to those who are already in his sinking canoe. When he spoke to the senile bush supporters* who served in WWII in Salt Lake City on Monday, at least he was met with protesters in that very red state. So there is hope. Whew.

In other fascist news, Lockheed Martin (surprise surprise) was awarded a three-year, $212 million contract by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in NY. Why it's 1984 in NY again. We are getting 1,000 video cameras and 3,000 motion sensors in subway stations. You know, just in case any terrorists think about taking a ride underground.

Speaking of fascists, the Pentagon is smearing war slogans on the gravestones of the fallen troops. "Unlike earlier wars, nearly all Arlington National Cemetery gravestones for troops killed in Iraq or Afghanistan are inscribed with the operation names, such as 'Operation Iraqi Freedom' and 'Operation Enduring Freedom', which the Pentagon selected to promote public support for the conflicts." Fuck you!

And speaking of grave markers, particularly crosses, there are some families who are angered by the use of crosses at anti-war demonstrations. Well because Jesus shouldn't be politicized. Tell that to the bushistas too.

Speaking of theocracies, just to reiterate what I posted yesterday, about bush's inane comments about women's rights in Iraq: He kinda sorta said something like "Condi said it's ok, so it's ok even though I have no fucking clue what she was talking about, but she said it's ok, so it's ok." But really, how can you have a democracy and women's rights when the official religion of Iraq is Islam and the main source for legislation? Women had more rights under Saddam. Bush lied. Iraq isn't even going to be a democracy which was reason number 6 million for why he invaded Iraq. Good one. Here is a part of the text of the constitution:

"The republic of Iraq is an independent sovereign state with a system of government that is republican, parliamentary, democratic and federal."

"Islam is the official religion of the state, and it is a main source for legislation. No law can be passed that contradicts the fixed principles of Islam's rulings. No law can be passed that contradicts the principles of democracy. No law can be passed that contradicts basic rights and freedoms mentioned in this constitution."

"This constitution guarantees the Islamic identity of the majority of the Iraqi people, as well as complete religious rights for all individuals to freedom of beliefs and religious practice."

Oh yeah? This should be interesting.
Have a nice day folks.


* "If they needed us, as old as we are, I'd go again in a heartbeat," said John T. Edward, a Vietnam veteran from Reno, Nev. Mr. Edward said that he sympathized with Ms. Sheehan, but that he did not think the president should meet with her as she has demanded, and that it was important to fight terrorists in Iraq.

"When do you stop?" Mr. Edward said. "I understand how bitter she is, but we need to keep our country safe." (NY TImes)

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