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Sunday, August 21

Here's reason number 6,784 to hate this man

Yesterday's Tour De Farce "Tour de Crawford"

The Chimp Emperor took time from his busy schedule of avoiding Cindy Sheehan to go bike riding with Lance Armstrong.

"Recognizing what the world has known for years, the president said, 'He's a good rider,'" (White House spokesman Trent) Duffy said. That's all the president had to say about Lance Armstrong. Yeah, he's a good rider. The president also has said that bike riding helps him to think better. Oh yes, he is really showing the benefits: "He's a good rider."

Lance was given instructions before the ride with the boy dictator:
Do not pass the president.
Do not force the president.
Be kind.
No talking to the president.

Heil Hitler.

Chimpy invited everyone to go swimming and stay for lunch after the ride. Who told him to do that? That was almost a gracious thing to do.

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