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Monday, August 22

Herding Rats

On George Stephanopoulos’ program yesterday, George Allan was asked about whether or not bush should have met with Sheehan. The transcripts aren’t up yet, but Allan said something to the effect that he had said that bush should have met with Sheehan but he said he made that statement about three weeks ago. He seemed to try to blow off the whole thing and make it seem as though that was old news and irrelevant today. To my recollection he repeated this time reference again during the interview. Seems to me it was only last week when he was on Imus’ show that he stated the bush should have met with Sheehan and proceeded to say that if he had met with her it would have prevented Camp Casey and all that has entailed. While on with Imus he also said if he were the president he would have met with her. I guess someone didn’t like what he said on Imus and that’s why he emphasized yesterday that he made his statement three weeks ago.

Also yesterday Trent Lott was on Sunday TV and he was asked about his new book, “Herding Cats”. According to reports, in the book Lott doesn’t have many nice things to say about Frist, but yesterday he played pretty nice when he spoke of Frist.

"Asked Sunday on NBC's "Meet the Press" whether Frist, who challenged and succeeded Lott as Senate majority leader in 2002, has the character to be president, Lott paused before answering. "I think I'd have to think about that," said Lott, R-Miss."

Lott said "a lot of good people out there" are thinking about whether to run and that "I probably would lean toward some of the others, let me just put it that way."

Apparently someone didn’t like what they read in Lott’s book and toned him down a tad before putting him in front of the camera.

I guess someone had to rein in these two rats, Allen and Lott, and tone them down. Seems to me it’s just as difficult to herd rats as it is to herd cats. Link

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