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Thursday, August 25

From the conservative Capitol Hill Blue

The following was sent to me by Carolyn Kay at

"Vets and the Coward"
Aug 24, 2005, 02:10

"The man who dishonored American veterans by hiding out from the Vietnam War in the Texas Air National Guard added insult to injury this week by shamelessly invoking memories of those who died in war as a pathetic excuse to continue his illegal and failed war in Iraq.

"Bush’s lame attempt so disgusted veterans attending the VFW annual convention in Salt Lake City that many of them wore “B.S. Protector” ear muffs during his speech to the group on Monday…

"Truth is, veterans, especially those who served in Vietnam, have long distrusted Dubya. They know he hid out from war, using his daddy’s connections to get bumped to the head of the line to get in the Texas Air National Guard to avoid serving in Southeast Asia. They’ve seen the enlistment documents where he opted out of overseas service, an extra step to make sure he stayed stateside during the war.

"Real veterans can smell a coward and Bush stinks like a dead, rotting carcass – yellow through-and-through, a cardboard cowboy who can sign an executive order sending American men and women to their deaths in Iraq but one who didn’t have the courage to stand up and fight for his country when he had a chance…

"[M]ore and more vets see Bush for what he is – a lying, sniveling coward who does not deserve to be called Commander in Chief. They see a man who sent Americans to die in a war based on false pretenses and now has the gall to try and invoke the memories of real heroes to try and rationalize his illegality, immorality and cowardice.

"They don’t buy it. Why should they? They served their country in war. He didn’t. He hid out like a spoiled little rich kid, afraid to stand up and face the enemy…

"Veterans who served their country have no use for someone who did not.

"They have no use for George W. Bush".

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