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Thursday, August 18

Does Sir Ian Remind You of Anyone?

"'Close to genius' was how Sir Ian Blair described the performance of his force in the aftermath of the July terrorist attacks in London.

"And when one realises he delivered this self-regarding encomium after the killing of innocent Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes by Scotland Yard officers, his bombast takes the breath away.

"For the more that emerges about Mr de Menezes's death, the more lamentable the police performance appears - and the stronger the whiff of a cover-up (edit. emph).

"Yesterday we learned that Sir Ian did not want the Independent Police Complaints Commission to investigate the killing.

"He says he did not want the anti-terrorist operation to be distracted by an IPPC investigation. Yet one suspects the real reason is that Sir Ian knew a catalogue of blunders by his force would be exposed - and he was in the very thick of it".

Read the rest at the London Daily Mail.

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