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Monday, August 29

Da bitch done been and gone!

Okay, my last official statement, reiterated from the comments here & at Jesus' General (haven't made it to World O'Crap yet, I'm way behind over there anyway), about this gawddamned hurricane.

Y'all sound like a bunch of old yentas, talking about me like I'm stranded on a desert island... heh heh heh... much as I love y'all for it, I told y'all not to worry, and I was right.

New Orleans, on the other hand, is pretty much fucked.

Been seeing the aerial footage of New Orleans at the Beastmaster's (she's got satellite, I can't even pick up a signal from a B.R. station)... So many great old houses (from the 1920s on)in my old neighborhoods, completely submerged. So much destroyed.

I'd been going by the online & radio estimates of HUMAN DAMAGE, I had no idea how bad the MATERIAL DAMAGE would be... and yes, they're just "things" but they're things and places with so much history for so many people...

The BM said that I should feel guilty, because the 12 years I lived in New Orleans, no major hurricane damage, even from Andrew or Hugo.

Soon as I leave, WHAMMO!

Yeah, I needed THAT shit.

So, folks are still stranded on roofs in certain (poor) neighborhoods in Orleans & St. Bernard parishes. Most of the neighborhoods down by U.N.O. and the lake, the middle-to-lower-middle-class working-class neighborhoods built from the 1920s to WWII, are completely submerged, and nobody knows how many of the old people & young families who live there actually made it out.

The Irish Channel, my favorite neighborhood, is probably largely under water, but since it's so close to the river, the water will soon recede, those 1800s houses will survive (except for the ones owned by slumlords who don't do maintenance), and the alligators will cross Magazine street again, to get back to the river. Entire facades of French Quarter buildings (the buildings date back to the 1600s in some cases, the facades usually date to the early 20th) have dropped into the street, atop cars & one stray Lucky Dog cart.

Bodies have been seen floating along the old (retired) Desire streetcar line, near the Intracoastal Canal. The question is, since these bodies are popping-up in the 9th Ward, and they're not dressed in funereal finery (yes, even the above-ground graves can get airborne in the right flood) --- were they in the IC already, or were they on their way to anonymous, watery graves when Katrina hit? You'd play hell finding a 9th Ward native who couldn't wade through flood water without drowning. They might not all SWIM, but they sure as hell can TREAD WATER.

Far as I've seen, most old people/cripples/seriously ill folks have been successfully evacuated to higher ground, and no reports of lost children yet. Mississippi has death tolls in the double-digits (60 to 70 thus far). True death tolls won't be in for a couple of days, after everybody's had a chance to find all of their people or not.

But, as always, Louisiana (and yes, even po' ol' Mississippi) will survive. Not like we have a choice. And don't hold your breath for Dumbya to come visiting and offering condolences, either. And sure as HELL don't hold your breath for FEMA or any other federal agency to pay what it will actually COST to rebuild New Orleans. They never have before. And with Dumbya's cuts, they sure as hell won't now. But maybe some of the yuppie-scum republicunts in Orleans Parish will finally realize that the clusterfuck of republicuntism is helping to destroy that city damned nearly as bad as Reconstruction & carpetbaggers. As far as St. Bernard Parish goes, they never learn SHIT. Same for the North Shore. These are, after all, the people who almost got David Duke elected governor.

And hell yes, I'm homesick as hell.

Here's some blogwhoring to settle y'all's nerves: (Jesus' General) (World O'Crap)
(A New Orleans blog that probably has some great shit about Katrina up by now, if they can.)


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