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Wednesday, August 31

The crisis grows

I watched CNN last night and they were showing footage of looters in a Walmart. Ya know what? Big deal. I would imagine that most looters are looking for survival supplies like food, drink, clothes, radios, camping equipment... then of course you have your criminal types who are looking for big ticket items, but I doubt that the majority of looters are criminals. They are hungry and thirsty and wet. The overtaxed police and rescuers should be concentrating on rescuing those still on rooftops and forget about empty shelves in local stores.

Here in the northeast, when we get notice of an impending nor'easter, people are falling all over each other in the markets, convenience stores and gas stations stocking up on supplies. Once rational people will wrestle you for a gallon of milk or the last pack of batteries when a storm is brewing. Imagine the situation in the Katrina ravaged areas- heat index is over 100ยบ, there's no communication so they can't call for help, no running water, no food, no shelter- people are bartering hundreds of dollars of their possessions just to get liquids. A health crisis is brewing big time.

The CNN bimbo was trying to get Sen. Mary Landrieu's reaction to the looters and she pretty much said the same thing that I was thinking- Concentrate on rescuing people and figure out what to do with the tens of thousands who need to be relocated as it's hot as hell and water is in short supply. All hell is going to break loose among the survivors if they don't get adequate food and shelter -looting stores will be the least of their problems.

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