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Thursday, August 18

Cindy’s Little Candles in Our Darkness

Last night, all around our country, and perhaps in other countries as well, the sky was a little brighter. Maybe, if there is a heaven, almost 1800 of our soldiers enjoyed the view. Little candles twinkled in the darkness like little spirits of those who suffered the most due to a war that was served up on a stack of lies. At some time last night those little candles were snuffed out much like the lives they represented. In Texas little white crosses, now repaired from their attack, stood silently in the darkness. Perhaps they received some illumination from the candles; I don’t know. Sometimes little candles can cast a lot of light, let’s hope that happened last night.

I wonder if the little candles’ glow spread to the home of the president? I hope so. I hope they were so bright that he could not sleep. I hope they were so close they singed his thoughts. But, I don’t think that happened. He has a habit of closing the curtains when something displeases him. That’s too bad. If he had looked at all the little candles glowing in the dark of night he would have been able to see that much of America has been illuminated by the match that Cindy struck in Texas. We could see it even if he couldn’t.

Cindy struck the match and lit the first candle. Now it’s up to us to continue the illumination until no one can sleep due to the glow. If there are enough of them, even little candles can light up an awful lot of darkness. Our country has lived in darkness for a long time. The glow of little candles can expose all the evil things that prefer to dwell in the dark.

The beautiful thing about candles is you only have to strike one match to light the first one and after that many many more may be lit from its flame. We owe Cindy a debt of gratitude for lighting that first candle and now we may light our own little candles from its flame. We’ve had our own candles for a long time, haven’t we? All we’ve been waiting for was someone to light the first one. That’s all we needed and now we have it. There’s no more excuse for allowing our country to live in the cold and dark, we now have fire and light. Today we have Cindy’s little flame and Cindy’s little candle to light our way forward.

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