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Friday, August 19

Bush Comes to Shove

Bush came to Iraq to shove freedom and democracy down the throat of the Iraqi people but they aren’t swallowing it as fast as he would like. Maybe it’s time to take a different tack with this war.

The bush administration, and bush in particular, says that if we set a date to leave Iraq all the insurgents will fade away and wait until we leave to rip the place to hell.

Okay, let’s presume that that’s true. Let’s say we will be totally out of Iraq one year from today. If, as the administration says, the insurgents fall back into the shadows to wait out the year, here’s what we could do. We could train up about a zillion Iraqis and train them up right to protect their country. We and the Iraqis could use the year’s time to repair the electric system, the water system and the sewer system. The oil field workers could repair and upgrade the pipe lines. All the while they would be unencumbered by insurgent attacks according to what the white house has predicted. There would be one year of peace while the country gets its act and government together. People would be safe to shop, go to school and get back to business. When the year expires and we get out of dodge, there would be enough Iraqi troops trained and ready to kick all insurgents butts.

How about we do this? If it works, and bush himself has pretty much said it will according to his own predictions, we can call it a victory. If it fails we will be no worse off than we are now.

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