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Sunday, August 21


Okay, so I'm the Broke-Ass Brunette of BlondeSense, in case y'all hadn't guessed. And, even though I'm probably the last person on the planet to see this movie, I'm making it MANDITORY for the three or four people who (possibly) haven't seen it yet. As soon as I can hog-tie and blackmail the nieces into one room, I'm going to make all of them watch it.


Since Waterloo Records is one of my favorite record stores on the planet, I've linked to their website(s) if anybody wants to buy this DVD. If you want VHS, they have that, too. If you want to rent it, you know where to go already.




First movie that's touched my heart in a long fucking time. But, of course, it's not American, so that probably says something.

And the little teeny-tiny girl that is the heroine of this movie is SO fucking BAD-ASS, she deserves to run her own country or planet or something. It makes me feel a little better about the future of this planet, if we can round-up a few more girls like this and put them where they can do the most good. Keisha Castle-Hughes. Remember that name, I feel sure that you'll be hearing from her again.

And yeah, yeah, it's based on a great book by a great writer and the screenplay is mind-boggling and all of that rot, but the movie --- the movie will transport you.

What the fuck are you waiting for??? GO WATCH IT!!!

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