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Tuesday, August 23

Blonde Design

Here's the way I look at life philosophically- in a nutshell.
  • The universe happened. The big bang theory has a lot of flaws. Big deal. So does the bible.
  • Life evolved in some parts of the universe where the right conditions were met.
  • Complex organisms don't have to be human or conscious. So what if we evolved from the same primates as monkeys? What is the problem?
  • We created demanding, yet loving, but mean, gods with our collective consciousness because the harshness of the earth life was too devastating to fathom. Before scientists figured out natural phenomena, people were scared of thunderstorms, eclipses, plagues and things we now take for granted as part of life. In the olden days, people used god to explain this phenomena. That's ok. They weren't evolved enough to figure EVERYTHING out. That doesn't mean that god doesn't exist. Oh we created him alright.
  • Science evolved from philosophy because religion didn't (and still doesn't) jive with human reason.
  • Religion is not the same as spirituality.
  • Necessity is the mother of invention. Hence western civilization.
  • Being human doesn't mean that you have to be industrialized.
  • Industrialization killed our spirituality and kinship to nature.
  • Humans are social beings and inately determined to help each other out but industrialization created a false competition* among them. Fear evolved.
  • Humans need to feel useful regardless of where they exist on the planet.
  • If a group of humans evolved in a lovely, fruitful climate, why bother with a wardrobe, forts, extreme buildings, machines, air conditioning and guns? It doesn't make them less human.
  • If a group of humans evolved in a less sympathetic climate, with extreme temperature changes, they were forced to figure out a way to survive or die from the elements.
  • The holy bible was written by people who didn't understand science at all, but the points made were good. Most humans miss the point.

I probably left a bunch of things out. Oh yes...
  • Americans collective consciously created George Bush and his ilk. It's our fault and we had better correct it. Perhaps humans collectively have just had enough with trying to survive and dealing with a free will which is a big burden. Sometimes it is just easier to sit back and let "god" take over.
  • The bible does NOT say, "God helps those who help themselves." That is a lie and not in keeping with the teachings of Jesus who was a fabulous philosopher for his time and also deeply spiritual. We are required to help each other by our very nature.
  • People use the bible as an enabling device to justify their darkest desires and fears.
  • Mostly all politicians, national leaders and religious leaders, regardless of party are in it for the power and the greed. I don't trust any of them.

Feel free to debate this. It doesn't matter to me. Just don't tell me that god gave Israel to the Jews or North America to Europeans at the expense of the indigenous people. I don't believe that any god is into real estate. feh.

Feeling pissy today.

* Note I said, "false competion". Not the competition in natural selection. Thanks to an astute reader for pointing out that I didn't make that clear.

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