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Thursday, August 25

Blips on My Radar Today

This morning the LA Times has a time line for the Plame Leak that might be worth reading if there are parts of this that you’ve missed or don’t understand. You might want to do what I intend to do, you might want to print it out and keep it for the day when we find out just what the hell happened. I’ll warn you it’s nine pages but once you start reading you’re hooked.

Okay, now I’m holding my nose with one hand and typing with the other because this all stinks, but I have to say it. Pat Robertson finally succeeded in apologizing for what he said about the assassination. You have to give him credit for his apology even if he did it a little late. There are some in the white house who have done a lot worse things than exhibit free speech and we haven’t heard doodly squat out of them. Don’t hold your breath until we do. And yes, I realize that Robertson may be insane or at least a total nut case.

I’m sitting here in cloudy breezy south Florida this morning. Tropical storm Katrina is knocking on several of our area’s doors. Seems at the moment she will knock hardest on the door of the Ft. Lauderdale area. Where I am is supposed to get tropical force winds of around forty mph or thereabouts. After cringing through two hurricanes last year, this one gives everyone anxiety attacks. Hopefully it will just quickly pass through the state and leave us all in no worse shape than when it arrived. The rain is supposed to be bad and flooding is a distinct possibility. I’m not in a flood prone area so I’m not stressing about that. I’m not all upset over this storm, really, I’m not. I will admit that being curled in a fetal position is uncomfortable though.

I’m watching these, singing to the choir, speeches that bush is making just about every other day and to me he appears to become more and more desperate as he flails away at the harsh reality that he and his war are going south at warp speed. He’s sounding more like a hellfire and brimstone southern preacher as he gets louder and more emphatic with his many times sung hymn. The words are just about the same each time but his delivery is different. There is blind determination in his voice and he seems frustrated that all of us don’t see things his way. You know what they say about blindly determined, frustrated, hardheaded people? I know what I say about people like that, I say that they could be real dangerous to those who disagree with them. I’m wondering how long it will be before someone finds him around midnight, talking to the portraits of the presidents that hang in the white house.

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