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Wednesday, August 17

Bat-shit Crazy or Bat-shit Mean?

I have a theory on these “good Republican Christian” people. I think they are either crazy as hell or they are some of the meanest people around. Let’s say they are crazy, and there’s no proof that you can’t have a crazy Christian, then how the hell do we deal with them? Way more of them than we want to think about carry loaded guns. They are out there. Worse yet, they seem to think that carrying a bible around with them gives them a free pass to do pretty much whatever the hell they want. No one seems too concerned about this right now but like the deadly traffic corner, eventually there will be enough deaths that we’ll see the justification for installing a traffic light.

Okay, maybe they are just mean. Giving them the benefit of the doubt, let’s say some of them aren’t clinically crazy, they are just mean and ugly. They’re the ones who enjoy someone else’s misery. They’re like the little boy who used to hide by the side of the road until I rode my bike by and then he would run out and wrestle my bike from me. He would stand there holding the handlebars and laugh at me. He would smirk and say, "What are you gonna do about it"? He never stole my bike he just enjoyed aggravating me. Sometimes I would get so angry I would cry and he loved that. Eventually he would give me my bike back making some statement like, “It’s a crummy bike anyway”. I guess he felt such low self esteem that the only thing he could control was my emotions. By tormenting me he could feel he was able to accomplish something, if only to make a little six year old girl cry.

I see that man who ran over Cindy’s crosses as being just like that little bike-taking boy. The only thing he was capable of doing was making someone else hurt. Man that’s a shallow well of a life, isn’t it? It’s also a sign of desperation and frustration at one’s own lack of strength.

So like I said, they’re out there. Some of them are probably bat-shit nuts and others are just bat-shit mean. They better thank their god every single day that they live in America, because there are other countries that wouldn’t tolerate their shit, bible carrying or not.

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