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Wednesday, August 31

another half-assed blog post from the comments

I'm not worth much these days, too much shit going on and too little that I can actually DO.

All I can say is to keep trying those Red Cross numbers/sites. My plan of action is going to be this: When my check comes on the 3rd, I'm going to find SOME help agency, whether state, municipal, federal or private, to get my ass INTO Orleans Parish (with ye olde trusty GMC & the now-no-longer-ex-boyfriend).

I can't just sit here. It's fucking killing me. The neighborhood where my house was, is COMPLETELY UNDER WATER. I was always so proud, to have found the one house in my area of Broadmoor that never took water in the bad-assed flood of '98. I seriously doubt that much of my former home is still there now.

They've got inmates from Orleans Parish Prison, camped out behind hastily-strung razor wire, RIGHT ON THE BROAD STREET OVERPASS OF THE INTERSTATE. I am not kidding.

People still stranded on roofs, bodies starting to surface all over town --- it's really a fucking vivisection for a four-parish area, not just my mouthy self.

Thanks, Duhnonymous. I really appreciate your donation and anyone else's. I'll let y'all know when I can get down there to help. This is a little different from going to Crawford --- there is no other option.

And that hairsprayed bitch Rick Perry is on TV every fucking breath, offering the damned-near-collapsing-from-old-age Astrodome as an alternate shelter from the SuperDome (they'll go to the CajunDome in Lafayette first, I'd wager), and saying how much Texas is going to help. Yeah, I wanna see fucking BANDAR BUSH chipping to in to help, gawddamnit! Those Texas billionaire motherfuckers love to come party in New Orleans --- LET 'EM HELP REBUILD IT, instead of just offering platitudes or smarmy bullshit on TV.

I highly recommend Feed The Children to donate food/money, the Red Cross, and there are a few dozen other sites/organizations that are pitching in. I think that the # they told on the radio a minute ago was 1-866-GET-HELP. I can't promise that that's the right one, but it's worth a shot.

Also: Habitat For Humanity!!! I haven't heard anything official from them yet, but I'd wager both tits that they'll be among the first to chip in to help rebuild as soon as the water recedes.

All Baton Rouge shelters are full, as they're saying on the radio right now, and the nearest place open for shelter is indeed the CajunDome in Lafayette.

And another thing --- LOOTERS!!!!!! Those greedy motherfucking scumbag looters in Orleans Parish --- they've already got giant floating balls of fire ants, wandering around in the flood water --- all they need is a target, and we could easily provide that with some duct tape and rope to hold 'em down! A little honey at the water line, and they would never steal from LOCAL BUSINESSES AND FAMILY STORES AGAIN. They're not breaking into WALLY WORLD. They're breaking into SMALL, FAMILY-OWNED BUSINESSES. INDEPENDENTS WHO DIDN'T FUCKING *GOUGE*!!!!!! Small wonder that people respect New Orleanians so little... Show a moment of weakness, and they're on you like fucking VULTURES. First time that I've ever empathized with N.O.P.D. --- they're wading through crotch-deep, probably encephalitic flood water & raw sewerage & oil/gas spills, with shotguns, trying to fight-off the looters.

And no, the cops aren't just "protecting the money people" like they usually do --- they're actually trying to protect EVERYBODY. Yes, you could say that I'm shocked. And amazed.

So, soon as I can get past the martial law in Jefferson Parish to get down there, I'm going. I am NOT seeking donations for myself, AT ALL. I'll let y'all know when & if & where I'm headed, but send your money to the Red Cross (and keep an eye on those weasels, too) and Feed The Children and Second Harvester Food Banks and Habitat For Humanity. SERIOUSLY.

They're saying on the news (amongst all of the hype & endless loop-tapes of the same aerial footage from yesterday) that this could be the worst natural disaster in American history. And yes, a lot of this damage & death could have been prevented. Go fucking figure. And for once, it's not all New Orleans' fault.

If THIS clusterfuck doesn't wake the ignorant-ass Bush bitches up to the REALITY of the cold-hearted, soulless EVIL that is the Bush Regime, nothing will. I wish that the fucking rapture would come NOW, so that we could take their shit and bring it to New Orleans, for people who actually NEED IT.

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