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Saturday, July 16

Yes, They are Stupid and Funny!

The following are three comments from three different commenters . I saw them today on a conservative website. I will not give their screen names in order to save them the embarrassment.

“Here's a little logic for our liberal friends who seem short on that commodity. Firstly you can't "out" that which has already been "outed". Second, you can't "out" something when that something is nothing. Lastly, you can't "out" something without "outing" it.”


“Though, I will beg this question...yes, Wilson could have been googled for his wife's name, though I haven't heard anything about whether or not she was in the CIA, much less what she did, is also searchable. Which is where the problem is coming in for me. Who said she was in the CIA, and when?”


“Oh, you're talking (out the wrong orifice, to be sure) about the investigation into a President LYING before a Federal Grand Jury, which is a felony. Somewhat different than someone mentioning that so-and-so works somewhere, I think.”

Could three people be any more ill informed? The first one made me laugh because of the “logic” issue. The second one made me laugh with the last sentence. And the third one also got me going with the last sentence. I know it’s not nice to laugh at ignorance, but sometimes I just do.

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