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Saturday, July 30

Which Paperback Book Would You Recommend?

Week after next Mr. and Ms Pop are off to the beach to be beach bums. Yep, big decisions will be made that week. For me the decisions will be which restaurant to choose for dinner and whether to read on the beach or just go into a semi-coma on the sand. Mr. Pop will have to decide if he wants to swim or fish. Vacations are “hard work” plus of course you have to squeeze in some shopping. Toss me in that briar patch, please.

We’ll drop off Murphy and Fred the Cat in Tampa with the sister in law who is a veterinarian and who will keep them at her house with her pets. Nice, huh? Her house is like a second home for our “kids”. After the kids are ensconced at their aunt’s, the two of us are on our way to our yearly honeymoon. No responsibilities, just kick back, laugh, drink, eat, sleep and have fun. You think I’m looking forward to this? You’re right, I sure am.

Mr. Pop is totally burned out from work so he’s like a little kid getting ready to go to the circus. You would really like him. He’s fun, he makes me laugh, he’s kind and gentle and he has a great big soft heart for animals. He’s my very best friend and the person who has, by association, made me a better person. See why I look forward to this time away? I’ll be spending it with my best buddy and the person I love most in the world, plus we’ll be at the beach.

Of course I’m watching the weather station 24-7 to see if any of those little puffs hopping off the coast of Africa will become hurricanes that might head our way. Mr. Pop’s attitude is, Fuck the Storms. He says if one is headed this way we will put up the shutters, take in the outside stuff and go as we planned. I like his bravado and I’m inclined to agree with him. What the hell good will it do to stay here during another hurricane? After last year we are sort of calloused. Being here during Frances last year didn’t make a damned bit of difference, the damages happened. When you’re sealed up inside your house during a hurricane there’s nothing you can do but ride it out. Might as well be on the beach on the opposite coast. Why waste the time at home in the dark with no electric? Tried that last year and you know what? It’s not a bit of fun, plus you can’t have cocktails without ice.

So here’s the deal. Border’s bookstores emailed me a coupon for 30% off any paperback book in their store. I’m going to use that coupon so I’m asking you to suggest a paperback you think I should read while I’m at the beach. Please nothing too heavy and serious. A sun fried, hung over brain doesn’t deal well with deep serious stuff. Any suggestions will be deeply appreciated.

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