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Monday, July 18

When I Read Words Like These I Get A Little Bit Of Hope:

Commenter at Cannonfire says:

"You're pursuing a perspective I have pushed (and been ignored on), which is that there is a secret war going on in D.C., with subtly-shifting allegiances. The war is basically between those who want Bushco out, and those who still support him. The intelligence community (FBI, CIA, etc.) is increasingly disenchanted with Bushco, and the anti-Bush forces within it are being joined by corporate/political powers that feel Bush has to go. That is why the MSM has magically joined "our" side. Not because they finally heard our voices.

"The tide has turned. Once these powerful and wealthy forces turn against anyone, even a President, he is doomed. Doesn't matter how many Bible Belt fundamentalists wave anti-abortion placards. The forces I'm talking about represent power/wealth beyond imagination. And they aren't going to let it be blown to hell by a figurehead lunatic who blithely anticipates Armageddon and the Rapture.

"...Unfortunately for us, it is too late to avoid economic Armageddon. Sell your overpriced real estate, and your overvalued collectibles. Get down to your local coin shop, and purchase all the bullion gold and silver coins you can lay hands on. And you might want to stop at the gun store on the way home.

"After Bush, the deluge".

And what prompted this and other observations? Well, it's a fascinating study of the Plame/Wilson/Cheney/Powell affair. What happened to Rove? Oh, he's still around but but maybe he's just a bit player in this ghastly spectacle taking place on the world stage. Joe Cannon's article can be found at Cannonfire.

"...And the angels uprising, unveiling affirm that the play is the tragedy "Man" and its hero The Conqueror Worm". -- Edgar Allen Poe

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