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Wednesday, July 20

What’s in the Box? Does the Dog Bite?

Seems to me that bush gave the American people a sealed box last night. All over the outside of the box is stamped the word, “Conservative”. If you shake the box you don’t hear anything rattling around. Your only hint to the contents of the box is that word stamped all over it.

It’s like getting a pit-bull puppy. You know the puppy’s parents had bad temperament, so common sense leads you to believe that the puppy is very apt to have his own bad temperament. But, you can’t be absolutely sure.

We can’t judge this Supreme Court nominee based upon the cases he has worked on no more than we can judge an attorney’s personal actions just because he was hired to defend a murderer. We just don’t know much about this nominee except who he’s worked for in the past. Think about some of the jerks you have worked for; would you want to be judged based on that person’s actions?

The Right wing says they are tickled pink with the nominee. Maybe they are and maybe they aren’t. If their leaders say they are happy with the choice, the flock will follow. Those the Right extremists follow can’t afford to show any displeasure, because it would disturb the precious base. I truly believe the leaders, some ministers included, could care less about abortion, but their feigned belief and concern keeps the collection plates full on Sundays and keeps Party donations flowing in. Just tell the flock everything will be fine and the flock will calm down and follow. They’re easy to lead because they outsource their thinking.

Will Roberts be confirmed? Probably. When Rehnquist leaves the bench, that’s when I expect all hell to break loose. That’s when we will have another box delivered, but what’s inside that box may be painfully apparent. That’s the box to beware of, the one to watch. That will be the box with the truly dangerous contents.

The next pit-bull puppy may arrive snarling and biting. There will be no question about his temperament.

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