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Sunday, July 24

The Week in 9/11

* Columnist Leonard Pitts Jr opines that 9/11 brought an upsurge in yahooism. This is not news, but it's in the paper.

* Mindy Kleinberg, whose husband was killed in the north tower on 9/11 has yet to have her very important questions regarding the lack of military air intervention answered.

* A local congressman here on LI, Peter King has been drunk on Jim Jones' koolaid for sometime now.
"The vulnerabilities inherent in a free society were exploited by people who came here, have a hatred for our freedom and a hatred for anyone whom they declare to be an infidel," King said.

"We need all of the tools the Patriot Act provides to preempt terrorist attacks on us in this country. Those tools so far have been a major part of the reason why we have not been attacked again."
Hope he moves to a red state after he loses the election next year. He's being watched carefully by voters.

* Lee Hamilton of the 9/11 Commission says:

"We still do not have a single watch list (for terrorist suspects) ... that law enforcement can check on. That's been years that we've been working on it."

"There must be "even greater urgency in implementing the recommendations. The Congress has not made the changes to enable it to have very robust oversight of the intelligence community." "We still don't have a law on the books to permit the first responders to talk to one another" when they get to the scene of an attack, Hamilton said.
Something is very very wrong and many have noticed since that tragic day in Sept, 2001 that some (or all) of the villians behind it all are white American men who were elected running this country to hell and beyond. But that's just my opinion and what do I know?

Stay vigilant. Watch your leaders closely.

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