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Friday, July 22

Trapped Soldiers Need Help!

“My son in law in Iraq said they are being pressured round the clock to re-enlist or face stop loss. They are being offering $30,000 tax free signing bonus, and told if they don't re-enlist they are going to be Stop Lossed and get zero dollars. They are pushing the troops round the clock to re-enlist. Mark got only three hours sleep in 48 hours but when he got back he was again faced with re-enlisting. Mark said many guys are scared and are signing up, and their families at home are very upset -- for good reason. We really need to push our media and congressmen to expose the horrible way our troops are being treated.”

-Lisa Gill-
Son-in-law in Iraq

"March 05, it was time for both to make the decision to re-enlist. Already under orders to redeploy and already under Stop-Loss, their choices were 1) don't re-enlist but wind up in Iraq anyway under Stop-Loss and 2) re-enlist; while you'll still wind up in Iraq under, at least you'll have the attractive bonus being offered.

"The point is that the 'high retention' rate that is being touted as demonstrative of a soldier's fervor and good faith in the war is another deception being foisted on the media and public. Closer to the truth is that they are in and they cannot get out. It is entrapment from the front end with deceptive recruitment practices, again at re-enlistment time with the threat of deployment to Iraq under Stop Loss, and again when their contract ends and they are kept in and deployed via Stop Loss. What continues to be called an 'all voluntary military' has become an 'involuntary military' through the use strategies of deception and legal maneuvering for which there seems to be no remedy for Stop Loss."

-Lietta Ruger-
Family with two Iraq veterans; second deployments

Intervention Magazine (LINK)

Cindy Sheehan also has something to say in the article.

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