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Thursday, July 21

Smirky's nominee

It seems that Ann Coulter doesn't trust John Roberts and doesn't believe he will overturn Roe v Wade. (therefore he is not a true conservative supposedly) Is this the only topic that anyone on the right cares about in a judge? Coulter should quit pretending to be a female and end this charade already.

Roberts doesn't scare me that much. Not yet but I'm still reading everything I can find including this (not very nice). Then again, knowing this administration, anything is possible. I'd like to think that a man with his education would possibly be intellectual enough to know that overturning Roe v Wade would instigate a shitstorm worse than the Iraq invasion and the end of the Republican party. I still believe that Republican politicians are bluffing about their anti-abortion stance. I sincerely doubt any one of them truly gives a shit about the future of an embryo because they don't give a shit about the already born. It's all talk and it appeases their so called religious base.

I would imagine that Bush is saving the real bad nomination for when Rhenquist retires or dies. My opinion is subject to change. (not that it matters)

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