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Thursday, July 28

Sad Tale of Disfigured Iraq Boy

The NY Times reports a story about a 13 year old Iraqi boy was maimed by an American cluster bomb when his cow set it off. The boy was so traumatized by his facial scars and the other kids making fun of him that he dropped out of school. He dreamed of having his old face back.

A retired law professor in Miami read about his plight and arranged for him to come to the US to get the shrapnel removed from his face and to fix his eye which was blinded. He was unable to get a cornea transplant because of the severity of the damage so he got a contact lens instead, which he lost already but his sponsors said they hope to send him a replacement. What, they couldn't give him a lifetime supply?

He got sort of fixed up here in the states, visited some tourist sites, went shopping, met with all sorts of politicians and even saluted George Bush's picture. So, there ya go warmongers, a nice story from Iraq. Kind of. The sad part is that he came to America and got to see all the decadence, get medical treatment and is now being sent back to the war zone. It's really kind of creepy in a propaganda sort of way.

They were scheduled to leave New York on an 11 p.m. flight for the Middle East and the sight of their suitcases stuffed with new clothes, cameras and Herbal Essence shampoo depressed them.

"I thought the Americans could do everything," Ayad's father said.

Ayad stared at the carpet and whispered, "I hope we come back." (The NY Times)
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