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Saturday, July 30

Rape cases in US prisons number in the thousands

WASHINGTON (AFP) - Nearly 2,100 incidents of rape and other sexual violence were recorded in US prisons in 2004, US justice authorities said.

The Department of Justice said that the highest rate of prison rape and other forced sexual acts was in state-run juvenile prisons, and that the largest portion involved prison staff abuse of inmates.

According to a department report on prison sexual violence, a total of 8,210 cases of sexual violence were reported in adult prisons, local jails and juvenile correctional facilities in 2004.

This amounted to 3.2 allegations per 1,000 inmates.

Roughly half of the alleged incidents that the Justice Department investigated could not be substantiated, however.

Of the 7,000 investigations completed by the department, about one-third of cases, or about 2,100, were substantiated, the report said.

Nearly 42 percent of reported cases of sexual violence involved prison staff abuse of inmates, while 37 percent was inmate-on-inmate violence.

Males comprised 90 percent of inmate-on-inmate violence.

The report also noted that sexual violence in state-run youth prison facilities was 10 times higher than that in adult prisons.

US prisons held more than 2.1 million people in 2004, not including juvenile offenders.

There appears to be a higher rate of sexual abuse in juvenile prisons than in churches. Nothing else about the article surprised me. When the pretzeldent said that we don't do things here in Amurka that were done in Abu Ghraib, boy was he talking out of his asshole.

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