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Tuesday, July 19

A Rant, Iraq, A Rat and More

Notice Mehlman is the only one we hear from the dark other side these days. Could it be because he’s the only one who is pretty sure he won’t soon be learning to do the shackled shuffle? Everyone else is hunkered down in the bunker and occasionally we see Rove and Bush strolling around the grounds, but not much chit chat from bush and not a word from Karl, Porky Pig, Rove.

Hey, if they want to do some legal torture down at Guantanamo send Mehlman down there. No, not to put him behind bars, although that sounds tempting. Send him there, put him in the same room with a prisoner and let him tell the prisoner why Karl Rove has done nothing wrong. I guarantee within a half hour that prisoner will sing like a bird. He’ll promise to tell them all they want to know and more if they’ll just make Mehlman shut the hell up. I would.

Andrea Mitchell was on Imus this morning and they were speaking of Scooter Libby. Andrea said that Libby has written several books, and then she said he can write stories as well as tell them. Remember, she was one of the journalists contacted by someone about the Plame deal. (Are you channeling something to us with that comment, Andrea? I grew up using the word “story” instead of “lie”. Did you too?)

The word seems to be that bush wants to get his Supreme nominee’s name out there to push Leakgate out of the headlines. Well, here’s a news flash for bush. We can multitask! We can keep the Downing Street Minutes, Leakgate and his nominee in the air all at the same time. We can juggle it all simultaneously. And if he doesn’t believe it, just watch us. To me the Minutes and Leakgate fit together so nicely that they are almost one. When you read the word “fixed” and the words “no wmd”, well it just meshes, doesn’t it? So with those two on the same ball, what the heck, toss in the nominee ball. No sweat!

I keep waiting and waiting for some, way the hell out there right wing shill, to suggest that President Clinton had something to do with the Plame leak. I mean they’ve tried to blame everything else on him. They’ve said if he had blown the hell out of Iraq during his time in the white house we wouldn’t have had to “liberate” Iraqis now. Is there another meaning for liberate that I’m not aware of? I ask this because I keep hearing a lot of right wingnuts say that we should just blast the entire fucking country of Iraq to bits. Uh, what kind of liberating is that? Did we also liberate Hiroshima? (Atomic Bomb Dome link)

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