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Saturday, July 2


I went shopping in Waldbaums this morning for some holiday fare as fireworks will be held across the street tonight so we need beer and munchies to celebrate the patriot rebels who whipped the powers that be back in the day so that I wouldn't be religiously persecuted... and I won't be if the christo-fascists get ousted from congress and the senate next year.

Aside from running into all sorts of folks I haven't seen lately, a young man who went to school with my son was standing in the bakery section next to me as I picked up some patriotic brownies adorned with little flags that we are planning to burn before the new law goes into effect. I barely recognized him as grew so tall and strong. He is back from serving in Iraq and on leave from the Army for 10 days. He says he doesn't have to go back to Iraq as far as he knows. I wished him well, told him he was always in my prayers and asked him to stop by and tell us about the war before he goes back to his base. He looked well fed and in good spirits. Made me feel better. Probably not as great as his parents feel.

When I was his age, our boys were being sent to war and now my son's friends are going off to war. My dad went off to war and his dad went off to war. When will we learn? I need to go and read more Mark Twain, don't I?

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