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Thursday, July 21

Plamegate is getting juicy

Last night I suggested that Turdblossom should just do us all a favor and kill himself. But no, we need this story to stay alive. This is the beginning of the end of this administration as this case will bring to light all the heinous lies (like the Downing Street Memo and who forged the Niger Yellow Cake documents) that led our country into an illegal war that you and I are paying for in many ways. Sure, we expected truth tellers to be smeared by the neocons who only play dirty, but I suspect this time that crying wolf about all these unpatriotic souls' will not sway public opinion nor will stop the investigation. Cockinmouth Mehlman can spew all the lies talking points on television, but he can't explain why Miller is in jail if this investigation is nothing and Joe Wilson is a liar. The dirty coverups leading to the war will be what takes the neocons down.

Peter pointed out this article worth checking out.
Patrick J. 'Bulldog' Fitzgerald, American Insurgent
Occupied Washington under siege
by Justin Raimondo

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