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Friday, July 29

Oh Lord, Take My Money, Please

When I was a regular church goer (yes I actually was), every so often they would haul in witnesses who had tithed 10% of their income to the church. They would proclaim that because of their tithing, they had recieved riches tenfold in return. It wasn't only money they recieved- some of them won cars in raffles, were cured of disease and magic like that. The priest would then cite biblical references to the benefits of tithing- mostly being that the Lord demands it, but the faithful were already picturing themselves driving around in new Ford Explorers.

But being that the RC Church is quite adept at instilling fear in the faithful and is just as money grubbing as any television religion or corporation, bringing in successful regular people to shill testify brought the church coffers up to par (whatever that is). Now I won't argue that a parish needs money to keep going. I won't argue that my parish did wonders in reaching out to the community and helping our least bretheren, but employeeing dirty trickery in amassing money is outrageous in a church setting. Naturally, I didn't give money during the tithing drive being that I have been a rebel since day 1. I also read in the bible that Jesus, who spent most of his time explaining that being rich was contra-indicated if you wanted to sit at his table at the end of time.

I look back and see that there was something to the tithing drive that perhaps was true in a quantum mechanics sort of way but gawd forbid that it was used for good. Visualizing and feeling yourself in a new reality does make a difference. Tony Roberts and that hypnotism lady who advertises on Air America all the time teach (and make a lot of money) that you can change your reality and it starts inside your head. I suck at this, by the way- all the years of Catholic guilt are hard to shed. There is something to the concept though but it doesn't exist to make preachers rich.

Upon further inspection of the very theological gospel of John and comparing it to quantum mechanics, there is some very important wisdom and insight happening there. It is in keeping with beliefs of more mystical religions who use this knowledge to achieve peace and contentment. Unfortunately the christian religion sprang up and used those passages to oppress, subdue and keep the masses from discovering the true spiritual meaning of the gospels and mysteries of life. If there's money and power to be made from something, leave it to those white men who possess that quantum power to use it against their fellow man.

There are Christian weight loss programs now. Love the lord and shed those unwanted pounds. I get spam mail from a Christian mortgage company regularly and a lot of mail from other "christian" companies, capitalizing on the current rash of existential angst among the faithful. No entity, other than the Catholic Church, has made such inroads in capitalization off the faithful than the US government. Not only do they take your money, they contribute to the fear, the angst and the terror in tangible ways. The Church used fear of hell which is merely a man made concept. The government on the other hand uses that fear of hell plus the added bonus of nukes, wars, violent extremists™ and the media to pound terror into the submissive, terrified masses. Here, take our money, our freedom! Just keep us safe.

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