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Sunday, July 24

My first Blondesense post

Dumbass Of The Week:

Meanwhile, in Opposite-World...

This teacher was allegedly fired for having a mini-shrine to Dumbya in her classroom. Of course, this was in NEW YORK STATE, far, far away from the redneck hellhole where I currently hang my hat.

And the reason that this is "opposite world" is --- anywhere else in the country right now, this teacher would make tenure for this shit.

For those of you who missed the little drama last year between myself and the local junior-high principal, I was blackballed from the parish ("county") schools as a substitute teacher for being an atheist. And he didn't even have the gonads to say it to my face.

Since this is Blondesense's front page, I'm leaving out my real descriptions of that "principal" --- but you can imagine the color commentary.

And yes, I'd give both of my bosoms to have been a sub in Nassau County, NY. A "drama & communications" degree isn't worth a whole lot more than subbing in Louisiana, so I dunno, maybe in another state, it might actually warrant a "real job."

But that's my hissy-fit for the day. Enjoy!

(P.S.: When & if I can get outta this parish, yes, I fully intend to call in the ACLU on that jackass.)

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