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Monday, July 18

More Toll of War

A chilling piece in the LA Times "Shrapnel From Home" recounts one of the great casualties of war: divorce.

Can you imagine the pain of soldiers when eagerly checking their email in the row of internet trailors in Iraq and they find out that their wives have found other men, drained their bank accounts and moved on? Once soldier called his home answering machine to hear another man telling his wife he loved her. Imagine having to go outside after that and face bombs? Sure most of these men and women are very young and were barely adults when they married and had kids but war is such a strain on families that this is nothing new during war time, but the deployments are so long and absense is not making the hearts of those left behind grow fonder. The article is very worth reading as it recounts some tragic family breakups and the divorce rate in the military. Only the truly heartless would not be moved. (go to to get a password if you don't have one for

While the politicians are warning us how much gay marriage is ruining families across our land, they completely ignore the young people who sign up to serve (based on lies) their imperialistic asses. Soldiers are merely cannon fodder in the eyes of those who send them off to war. Wives and mothers of their children feel lonely and abandoned wondering if Johnny will come marching home. As long as this country engages in senseless wars, this country will never foster a "culture of life".

As much as it pains me to read about the innocent Iraqi's being mercilessly slaughtered each day, it pains me equally to read of the tragic circumstances that our military men and women must face: depression, mutilation, divorce, suicide, death, nightmares, fear, hopelessness and betrayal. Yeah sure, they signed up under their own free will but don't tell me that these people weren't somewhat desperate and promised a better life (which trumps living in poverty) if they would serve.

If the Bush family and the administration along with all the politicians and corporate heads can sleep at night knowing that their greed has caused such worldwide heartbreak, I can only hope that maybe there is some sort of angry vengeful god who will inflict his infinite justice on them for all eternity. Those who support this administration are on my shit list (yes even my relatives) and I will not associate with any of them. I do not have to be nice and act politically correct towards those complicit in the horror they have inflicted. I'm angry, I'm worried, I'm hurt and I fear for the future of mankind. May the evil leaders suffer the pain of a hard assfuck by their own missiles and then slowly bleed to death after it detonates while being webcammed by laughing soldiers. Amen.

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