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Thursday, July 28

More Fecal Matter

"Why would Republicans working on the energy bill in conference sneak in a provision that gives a 'consortium' conveniently located in Tom DeLay's district control of a billion-dollar handout to big oil? Because they'd never get away with it had the measure been subjected to a vote. According to a letter from Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., this secretly inserted and obscenely costly provision is a 'serious abuse' and "should be deleted" before the final energy bill is brought to the House floor.

"Even President Bush's own energy secretary, Samuel Bodman, conceded yesterday that the energy bill gives too much money to industry. About the $3 billion in tax breaks and incentives in the bill, Bodman said that oil and gas companies 'don't need incentives with oil and gas prices being what they are today.' And Bodman was commenting only on the provisions that were inserted in the clear light of day, not those added after all discussion of the legislation had officially been closed."

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