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Tuesday, July 26

Look at the bright side: Crime in NY subways is down 22.6%

Oh for gawd's sake, this is what graced the cover of the morning paper. Barely awake, my existential angst kicked in. 1984 1984 Police State Police State The man on the top has kind of sexy eyes in a Frida Kahlo sort of way, but I digress. What should I be afraid of today? Mayor Bloomberg of NYC said that we should beware of sweaty people using mass transit. Bwahahahaha. Arrest them all! The humidity is 95%. He must have never stood on a sweltering underground subway or train platform. It's not unusual to see homeless people wearing ALL their clothes at once even in the summer.

According to Newsday:
In the days since a second round of bombs exploded in London last week, an informal survey conducted both above and below ground -- in subway stations and cars, as well as Long Island Rail Road platforms -- suggests that relatively few New Yorkers have seen anything that makes them suspicious or uncomfortable.
That's because we've seen it all. We see it all everyday. This is New York! The most suspicious thing is all the police presence hanging around mass transit. Open zee bags or walk, you swines. Foreigners? Try to spend one minute here without hearing foreign accents. Dark skinned people? It's summer! What are we supposed to find unusual other than planes crashing into buildings? Unattended bags? hmmm. ok. Nice try.

There's a great account at Buzzflash of a NY man telling the baffled but pissed off cops at a subway station that they WILL NOT check his bags and he WILL still ride the subway.
The chubby cop caught my bait, "Is that right, you're going to get by all four of us?" "I will, and without much difficulty," I told them, just as easy as a terrorist would be able to do it. I continued, I will simply go upstairs and cross the street and enter on the other side where there are no cops standing around. And if tomorrow there are cops there, I will simply walk to the next station."
In NYC, 5 British tourists were mistaken for terrorists (tourist-terrorist... kind of sounds the same), a lunch box in Brooklyn was mistaken for a bomb, New Yorkers were evacuated from their buildings due to a loud police water gun, A Grayline busdriver reported 5 "suspicious" men causing 100 armed cops to evacuate a bus. Hey! All this paranoia means the terrorists won, doesn't it? British police, of all people on earth are told to shoot to kill. Don't tell me that world leaders and terrorists aren't using Orwell's 1984 as their handbook.

Attention suicide bombers: Stay out of the sun, learn to speak with a Noo Yawk axxent, tweeze those eyebrows, wear short sleeves and find a subway station without cops.

I'm sorry. I don't mean to be so facetious, but this latest exercise in futility has gotten my blonde dander up. If all our fighter planes, all our "intelligence", the PDB that declared OBL was determined to strike in the US, all the air traffic controllers and all the cameras in airports couldn't prevent 9/11, I seriously doubt that bag checks in subways, plus all the media coverage of said bag checks, will prevent a terrorist attack. If terrible pilots could crash commercial airplanes into buildings with such precision, then what's to stop a suicide bomber from finding another way into the subway system? The government blew it. The War on Terra™ sucks.

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