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Thursday, July 28

It's Summer For Gawd's Sake

Of course it's hot as hell. And yes, I've been cranky because the sweat drips into my eyeballs and my glasses are always fogged up. Yes, people are melting. Some areas are sopped with rain and others aren't. What else is new? It's summer. Why all the "news" coverage about the hot weather when we can just turn on the weather channel for typical summer heat wave news?

Our admitted C student pretzeldent says that he doesn't think global warming is an issue and that is why the US doesn't cooperate with the rest of the world to curb pollutants. The corporate media depicts environmentalists and those of us who give a shit about the environment as kooks anyway, so the media should just quit their yammering about the damn heat wave.

We're at war and our government is involved in a huge coverup of the false pretenses that led us to war. Now that's news.

PS. The heatwave just broke here in NY. Ahhh.

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