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Saturday, July 23

it is always something

One of our Boston terriers died this past Tuesday. Pancreatitis,brittle diabetes, respiratory failure. There is this huge hole in our lives and we miss her. Her sister is confused. She was apparently not well for sometime, but Boston's don't complain, Zelda never whimpered, not once and by the time she had overt symptoms, she was not responding to treatment.

My Bar exam is next week. I am trying to prepare, focus, concentrate. I have written about our dog's death over at my personal rant-page,, but I haven't posted much here of late due to the Bar, the dog's decline and death, and the inability to keep all those plates spinning like that act on Ed Sullivan's show when I was a child. Life can sure play hell with your politics and politics can sure play hell with our lives. My thoughts about Rove, Libby, et. al. are probably no secret to BlondeSense's readers. Perhaps perjury indictments will come down next week. What a delicious turn of political fortunes. The nation will finally get a real lesson about the difference between civil and criminal perjury. The local news isn't discussing it in Houston. Our top story this week has been the conviction of a woman who cut off her ex-boyfriend's penis. Wow, thinks the television anchor, I get to say penis on live television.

Speaking of penises or is that peni, the President evidently thought that having penis is a requirement for the Supreme Court. He hopes to replace the first woman on the Court with another white, male, Anglo-Catholic, without a paper trail. Not that any of Bush's picks would make me jump up and say, "Those people who said you weren't qualified to be baseball commissioner or president were just wrong." Anyone he sent up to the Hill for hearings would not be my choice. And this guy ain't pro-choice. But, you knew that. Not that it was actually like discussed or anything. Bush actually asked in his interview of Judge (for two years)Roberts how often he exercises. Is that like the new pick up line? I remember when it was, have you read any good books lately?

Even with the distractions of life and politics, I am trying to get that law license next week. I keep telling myself if John Mitchell passed the Bar, so can I. I can't say how important our week's lessons have been from the life of our dog: Love fiercely; don't take any single walk with your friends for granted; be determined to be yourself; live fully; run with your pack; loyalty, devotion, love are true comforts in this seriously fucked up world.

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