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Monday, July 18

Is Lying to a Soldier a Crime?

It wouldn't matter if Wilson were Mickey Mouse. His report right or wrong was apparently right enough for the words about the yellow cake to be removed from at least one speech. Later to never be heard of again. Bottom line is the US went to war based on false "fixed" info as justification for the consumption of the American people. Almost 1800 members of our military are now dead and Iraqis are dying every day while the US screws around with whether or not Joe Wilson is a good guy or a bad guy. The really bad guy is the one who so loves to call himself the Commander in Chief. He’s the principle in this case. He’s the one who declared this war. All responsibility is his and his alone. If he didn’t know all this “fixing” was going on, he should have. If he didn’t know then he’s incompetent and should be fired. If he did know about the “fixing” then he’s a liar and should answer to the legal system. Either way, forget all the leaking, get the crooks who lied to America, to you, to me and to those dead soldiers. Seems to me that if an American citizen lies to a soldier and as a result that soldier loses his life, that would be a crime.

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