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Monday, July 25

In smaller news...

Bill Clinton Launches HIV/AIDS Program

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) -- Former President Bill Clinton launched a program Saturday that will nearly double the number of children receiving treatment for HIV infection in Kenya by the end of the year.
Some 100,000 children are infected with HIV, but only 1,200 receive treatment. The Clinton Foundation's Pediatric HIV/AIDS Initiative will provide treatment to an additional 1,000 children in this East African nation.

Say what you will of Bill's bad taste in paramours, not to mention his oft-rumoured "techniques" --- it made me very glad to see this article in Sunday's paper. Maybe now he's trying the Jimmy Carter approach --- embarrassing the living shit out of the current administration by quietly, deliberately setting about a life of good works. I'm not going to say that Bill Clinton has the huge heart or the altruism of Jimmy Carter, but at least it's a step in the right direction.

In crappier news:

Judge Rejects American Indian's Appeal
FARGO, N.D. (AP) -- A judge has rejected an appeal by imprisoned American Indian activist Leonard Peltier, who argued the U.S. government had no right to try him for crimes that occurred on a South Dakota reservation.
Peltier, 60, is serving a life sentence for killing two FBI agents during a 1975 standoff on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. He was convicted in 1977 and has filed numerous appeals.

Much Unresolved After 1975 S.D. Shooting
Before President Clinton left office in January 2001, he considered granting Peltier clemency. Among those who urged Clinton to keep Peltier behind bars: then-FBI Director Louis Freeh, former U.S. Sen. Tom Daschle and former Gov. Bill Janklow, who flew to Washington and had a lengthy meeting with Clinton at the White House.
In April, a federal judge in St. Paul, Minn., admonished the FBI for withholding documents on Peltier's case but denied a request by Peltier's lawyers for quicker access to information used to convict him.

I don't think that we will ever know the whole truth about the AIM standoff at Pine Ridge, especially why the FBI was on sovereign territory in the first place. The truth probably died with a long time ago, but maybe we could get a bit more of it by freeing Leonard Peltier. And I am still pissed that Clinton dismissed any concern over this case, as well as having viewed both documentaries about the West Memphis (Arkansas) Three and having done NOTHING to pursue actual JUSTICE in either case.

Excellent books on the subject:

I wanted to also include a link to the Public Library of Science article/study about cats & the genes that determine how mammals taste & smell ("Cats don't like sweets because they're missing the gene,") since my two heathens can dispute those findings in under 15 minutes. All it takes is one bag of Oreos. (and yes, I know that chocolate is dangerous for small mammals, but the little thieves STOLE my Oreos and destroyed the whole bag!)

Couldn't find the link through AP or PLOS, but I did find this tidbit:

How Linux Could Overthrow Microsoft... heh heh heh...

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