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Monday, July 18

If you're reading this, you might be wondering why your neighbors seem so stupid. Give 'em a break; maybe it ain't their fault.

At least a partial answer can be found in the following article at Counterpunch:

An Interview with Col. Sam Gardiner
The Bush Administration's Psy-Ops on the US Public

Here's some quotes:
"As the war unfolded, I became increasingly uneasy about what was being reported out of the White House..."

"One of the first items that made me uneasy was when I heard we were encountering 'terrorist death squads.' I was very familiar with the Iraq military forces. There were no terrorist death squads. It became obvious the Pentagon wanted us to connect Iraq with 9/11. Terrorists did 9/11. There are terrorists in Iraq. Iraq must have been behind 9/11.

"There is absolutely no question that the White House and the Pentagon participated in an effort to market the military option. The truth did not make any difference to that campaign.

Zeese: "Is the media being fooled by the Administration or is it complicit in this effort to misinform the public?"

Gardiner: "The media have been fooled. They have been lazy. They have lost sight of the historic calling of journalism. Journalists have been replaced on television by cheerleaders."

When you get through with the Zeese/Gardiner article, try This Page on for size. It's entitled "MKUltra techniques of mind control being used on the public?"

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