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Sunday, July 24

Holy Shit, It's 1984 Batman!

From Newsday this morning regarding the cold blooded murder of an innocent Brazilian man who had permission to work in England for the past 3 years:

Menezes' family was Roman Catholic. When asked if he had become Muslim in Britain, Agostino Ferreira Rosa, a policeman in Gonzaga said: "According to his family, he had nothing to do with Muslims or Islamism. He was Catholic."

"There was no reason to think he was a terrorist," Menezes' grandmother, Zilda Ambrosia de Figueiredo, told the Globo TV late Saturday. "He was very easygoing and very communicative with everybody. It's terrible what they have done to him."

Mayor Ken Livingstone said the killing was a "human tragedy" that was a consequence of the attacks.

"The police acted to do what they believed necessary to protect the lives of the public," he said. "This tragedy has added another victim to the toll of deaths for which the terrorists bear responsibility."

Livingstone drew a hard line before the mistake became clear, declaring that anyone believed to be a suicide bomber faced a "shoot-to-kill policy."
Um. Stay out of London, folks.

Oh and Long Island is gearing up to become a police state too in Foot soldiers to safeguard Long Island:
"If everybody does their bit to be vigilant and report suspicious activities, then they become part of the mosaic contributing to making the whole nation safe," said Nassau Assistant Police Chief Anthony Rocco. "Homeland security is hometown security." ...


"It's based on people acting or looking differently and that definitely includes race," Feuer said, arguing that Arabs and people of the Muslim faith are more likely to be singled out by Operation Safeguard, given that the terrorists who attacked New York and Washington, D.C., on Sept. 11, 2001, came from the Middle East.

For Kevin McCoy, chairman of the Suffolk County Library Associations's intellectual freedom committee, Operation Safeguard presents a stark choice.
"They are asking us to spy on our patrons," he said "It's sweeping. You no longer look at people as patrons but you're looking at everyone as potential criminals."
This sooooo totally sucks. Sure I won't be mistaken for a Muslim terrorist but there are an awful lot of middle easterners living here whom I know, love and respect. Not to mention NY City denizens are under surveillance as well. Don't ride the subway if you don't want anyone to search your bags:

Officers, some with bomb-sniffing dogs, will stop people carrying bags as they enter subways, buses and ferries at various points in the city, police said. Anyone who refuses a search will be turned away, and those caught carrying drugs or other contraband could be arrested.

Police officials said they had considered taking the measure to thwart bombings for the past three years. Two terrorist attacks on transit targets in London forced their hand, said Paul Browne, the police department's chief spokesman.

Browne called it "the first time this regimen has been used in (New York's) transit system."
Do they mean to tell us that no one thought about the mass underground rails in NYC after 9/11? I can assure them that each and every person I know was terrified to ride a train through a NYC tunnel after 9/11, including moi.

This still begs the question for the London police... if a terrorist has a bomb strapped to his body, what makes you think that the bomb won't explode if you riddle him with bullets to his body? Wouldn't it be prudent to shoot would-be terrorists in the head, if in fact you were trying thwart a subway attack? Just asking.

PS. The story was updated and according to my readers, the man was shot in the head, not the body. But still... what if they missed? And how many times do you have to shoot someone in the head?

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