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Friday, July 8

Got Some Interesting Emails Lately

Accusing me and the blondesense community of being radical commie Democrats. In no way shape or form am I (as well as most of this community) a commie nor are we all Democrats here. Our readers are Christians, Jews, atheists, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists... our readers belong to all the political parties and we share a common goal- to stamp out fascism. Fascism is bad for all of us but the very wealthy.

It's funny how much of the criticism and labeling comes from people who don't know much about history and it's funny how so called Christians filled with hatred and contempt for their fellow man are claiming to be the good guys. It's also funny that the neoconservatives who have all the power in the country are so angry. What are they afraid of? That we will stop their war? It's pretty hard to protest a war when free speech has been relegated to specific zones out in the boondocks and the "liberal" corporate media refuses to cover it. They have everything including black box voting. It may take nothing short of an all out revolution to let go of the fascists unless the willfully ignorant wake the hell up.

I'm a Republican as are many of our readers and I don't take offense when someone makes Re-puke-lican cracks because I know who they are talking about- the neo-con fascists who are trying to take over America in the name of god and pulling the wool over they eyes of many decent Americans who don't understand that a fascist society will destroy their quality of life just as much as a communist regime and maybe even more so because you can at least get fed in a commie regime. There's a difference between socialism and communism. There's a difference between capitalism and fascism. People are not well informed when it comes to history. I don't know where it's written that moderates and liberals have to be politically correct. I think the lefties coined the term and they can use it if they want but I'm not buying it. When the future of America's experiment in democracy is at stake, there is no time for niceties. Of course we're angry. We are the people stuck in the middle of this madness. Where is it written that we are supposed to be nice when we see nothing but injustice in the world? If we roll over and play dead, I see no hope for the future.

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