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Wednesday, July 27

Forget the Hand Basket, We’re in a Cute Little Tote Bag Now

I’ve heard a couple of times lately that the name of the war is being changed. Now they’ve decided to call it "global struggle against violent extremism" or, I guess, GSAVE for short. That’s GSAVE, as in George SAVE your ass and find a way to get us the hell out of this freakin’ war that someone convinced you was a good idea, a war that cannot end as long as someone somewhere wants to kill a bunch of people. Idiot! What the hell were you thinking?

Well, I have a bunch of questions about this name change deal.

This morning it was said that Iraqis are calling for a swift American withdrawal from their country. So is the war over and has the struggle begun? Are we going to stop bombing countries on a whim and instead struggle with violent extremists? How shall we define violent extremist? What about the terrorists? They aren’t terrorist groups any longer? Is that supposed to make us feel better?

Calling it a war on terror was insane, because terror is an emotion. But now in the middle of the war, to change the war to a struggle is kind of lame. Bush said he was a "war president". Is he now a "struggle president"?

So now that we are in the midst of a struggle against violent extremism and extremists, do all the rules of war no longer apply? What are the rules of struggle? Can you take prisoners during a struggle? What about the prisoners of struggle? I bet the Geneva Conventions do not apply to a struggle.

So if you have a family member serving in Iraq, are you now supposed to say he’s in a struggle against violent extremism? Guess so.

This reminds me of some of the football teams. If they are constantly losing games and fans, they change things - new team name, new uniforms, everything/anything to change the reputation of the team. Change the team's name from The Losers to The Winners. Cover the losing seasons with a new and hopefully more appealing coat of paint. Of course underneath you still have the root of the problem--namely the players couldn’t play well enough to win. But at least they aren’t called The Losers any longer.

Washington seems to be trying to do a do-over with this war. Oops sorry, this struggle. Things are going to hell in a hand basket so they toss out the hand basket and put everything in a cute little tote bag. Everything is the same, but damn, doesn’t it look better now?

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