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Tuesday, July 19

Does George Pataki Hate Women?

Should NY Governor George Pataki pander to those ignorami who think that emergency contraception is the same as having an abortion so he can run for president in 2008 or behave like a compassionate human being and pass a bill in NY State that will allow emergency contraception to be available without a prescription to all females who may need it?

A NY Times article today reports:
A simple veto could indicate that he was trying to win support among Republican voters nationwide who are opposed to abortion, they said, and simply signing it could show that Mr. Pataki was thinking of New York voters and of seeking a fourth term as governor.

One possibility for a compromise is that he might veto the bill - since it contains no age limits to keep the pill away from young teenagers - but at the same time call for a revised bill including such age restrictions.
If Pataki calls for an age restriction or parental notification, how many young women would have to ask their abusers for permission to prevent a possible pregnacy? The longer you wait, the more likely that an unwanted pregnancy make occur.

Emergency contraception is NOT having an abortion. EC prevents contraception, the trauma of a later abortion or an unwanted pregnancy. Emergency contraception is not RU-486, a pill that aborts a fetus. Even American Catholic bishops have no problem with EC. I repeat, EC is not an abortion pill and Pataki should not pander to those who are misinformed simply to appease them for future votes. Furthermore, most women don't even know that this pill exists. At the moment a prescription is needed. The bill would make this available over the counter.

Emergency contraception pills are high doses of oral contraceptives and it works by preventing ovulation, fertilization or implantation. If taken within 72 hours of a sexual assault, emergency contraception is shown to prevent pregnancy approximately 90% of the time. (link)

Fact: 54% of New York State hospital emergency rooms fail to provide rape survivors with emergency contraception (EC). 54,000 rapes annually result in pregnancy. The consequenes of an unintended pregnancy resulting from sexual assault further exacerbate the physical and psychological trauma the woman is already experiencing. (link)

The Times article says that Pataki has been visiting Iowa to see what his chances are as a presidential candidate. I'll be damned if Iowans are going to determine NY State policy. Letter writing time, folks.

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